Every organization has a story. What’s yours?

egg beaterI tell stories. That’s my core service, at the centre of everything I do.

I will help you identify what your audiences need to know about the work you do and what will motivate them to help, and then I will work with you to tell the stories that will best inspire them to give.

Let’s show people why supporting you will make the world better. Show them what’s at stake, in the oldest and most effective way, by sharing the stories that convey the heart and soul of your organization.

Contact me today to discuss your story.

On the menu:

  • Media relations & publicity
  • Writing: profiles of programs, donors, staff
  • Direct mail writing
  • Proposal writing
  • Case for support
  • Annual reports & newsletters
  • Website creation, revision & maintenance
  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Project management